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I am New

No experience or less than 6 months of experience being trained.


More than 6 months of experience being trained.

Online Training?

Tarsus Performance

  • For the competitive athlete looking to the there training to the next level

  • Does require equipment

  • fully online

  • 3 different Levels


Tarsus Intensive

  • For the "stay at home mom"

  • Requires no equipment

  • Excellent for beginners who have limited time

  • Fully online


Remote Coaching

  • Personalized Programmed made for your specific needs/goals

  • Daily access to contact your coach Monday-Friday

  • Nutrition advice 


Just Dropping in?

Coming from out of town and just want to drop in for a class or two?

Just make sure to come 15 minutes early to get everything set up!