Nathan Bramblett

Crossfit Games Athlete | Coach | Founder

By the age of 19, I was fully committed to the finance industry, as I attended the Luter School of Business at Christopher Newport University. One day though I was watching TV and saw the CrossFit Games. I was with a few friends and we decided that would be our next training program. This began for myself, and many others, a new love for working out and fitness. We saw the benefit of performing functional movements and noticed quickly that intensity caused the adaptation we had been looking for in our bodies. In that first year of switching from a traditional single-joint isometric "bodybuilding" style to a functional fitness style of training, we began a club at CNU which over time ended with us coaching well over 100 students and faculty by the time we graduated. After graduation, I went on to manage two functional fitness gyms. During that same time, I was training for and competing in the CrossFit Games season. Over the last 5 years, I have qualified for and competed in 5 CrossFit Regionals (2014-2018) and 2 CrossFit Games (2015,2017) all as an individual. From my time competing at the highest level came many opportunities to consult and train athletes of all kinds, both individuals and teams. football and baseball players, soccer moms and Olympic trial athletes, I've trained them all. For the last two years, my primary work has been designing specific programs for athletes looking to improve performance in their given sport. While much of my work has been remote as of late, I am thoroughly excited to begin the next chapter in this journey of loving and serving the health and fitness industry by opening a training location. When we love through sacrificial service we enter into God's design for humanity. When people experience their designer their eyes are opened. When people's eyes are opened they begin to see clearly the way in front of them. Jesus is the Way. This is The Tarsus Movement.