Brian Matero

Coaches Development | Social Media Manager

Coach, Competitor, Son, Brother, Friend, above all else a Follower of Christ.
Likewise, Competitive almost to a fault, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, at times judgmental, and in turn hypocritical.
We are human, we struggle, we fall short, but by God's grace we are accepted into the family despite our flaws and shortcomings.
It’s our mission to embrace people, love them. Show them how much we care. Not just through words but also actions. I love coaching because it allows me to do just that. To love people!
That said, I am here to serve people in the best way I know-how. I grew up as a competitive athlete in high school, missed playing at the collegiate level. It was then that I started CrossFit as an outlet, and it has given me so much! I have been doing functional fitness for quite some time now(8 Years) Coaching for nearly 7!
Following Jesus has opened so many doors for me that I never even imagined possible. From coaching and being poured into from someone of the highest level athletes/coaches this sport has to offer to coach in Saudi Arabia allowing me to pour into others the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.
Nothing gets me fired up quite like seeing people in the gym working towards bettering themselves. So, whether it’s your first time in the gym or you’ve been around the gym just as long or longer than I have, I want to help you reach your next level!